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"Trust is a literary blockbuster you won't want to miss." -INDIES TODAY

“a delicious whodunnit that establishes Chappel’s style as both instantly recognizable and irresistible” -BEST THRILLERS

“a thoroughly absorbing mystery...Readers will be captivated by the nuanced characterization and atmospheric setting, but what’s even more impressive is Chappel’s densely-layered, intricately-woven rendering of his protagonists’ struggles to find faith in the face of increasingly skeptical circumstances.” -THE PRAIRIES

“Surprising revelations and unexpected twists keep the pages flying...both brilliant in its exploration of family ties, relationships, marriage, trauma, and trust, and breathless in its delivery.” -BOOKVIEW

“an engrossing analysis of truths, lies, and the murky waters that lie between them.” -MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

How well do you know your partner?


You might think that Beth Sullivan has everything she’s ever wanted. She’s just married David Cheshon, Baltimore’s most eligible bachelor, and is settling into a beautiful new home and making plans for a child…until a murder tears apart her family and she becomes the primary suspect.


Abbie Barnes has just returned to Baltimore in time for Beth’s elopement, and she doesn’t trust David Cheshon or the sudden changes in her best friend’s life. Now, as Beth’s family is devolving into chaos, Abbie finds herself falling for an old crush, Adam Foy, who happens to be in line to prosecute the case and has a Cheshon connection of his own.


The last thing newly-promoted Sargeant Tara Williams wants is a high profile murder suspect dumped in her lap, but when Adam Foy asks for her help, she’s forced to use her newest hire and bend some rules.


As evidence mounts against Beth, it becomes clear everyone’s keeping secrets. And the killer isn’t finished.

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